~ Better than real teak ~ Beautiful & long lasting
~ Minimal maintenance ~ Any construction possible

EuroDesign Group introduce the future of boat decking

EcoTeak is a material made from real recycled teak, feels and looks like solid teak but without the weathering process and will last for a very long time.

  • Real teak product
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly recycled material 
  • Any construction, caulk not needed
  • Any color possible
  • Anti slip features
  • Low temperature compared to plastic decking
  • Cheaper option than solid teak
  • For all models and sizes
EuroDesign is a family owned/run group of companies and produces high quality teak products and accessories for the marine industry.

Operations in its current form commenced in 2001, and the production plant in Indonesia is run by English speaking staff with in-depth knowledge of the country's possibilities and opportunities.

Read more about the company and other products at our main website, www.eurodesign.se

EuroDesign first introduce the ecoteak a couple of years ago as an alternative to real teak. Now we can offer an improved material that looks even better than before. An environmentally friendly deck for the future.
  • Benefits
The ecoteak decking is a real teak product and a luxurious alternative to a solid teak deck.
It's extremely durable and will last for many years.
The material doesn't shrink or expand depending on the weather.
Any type of design possible, with or without caulk.
The deck is colder than plastic decks and have good anti slip properties.
A great material to walk bare feet on.
Only low maintenance is required.

  • Colours
We have 3 standard colors, Weather Grey, Brown Teak and Yellow Teak.
For some volume, any color can be developed.

  • Manufacturing Process
The EcoTeak is manufactured in a similar way as solid teak.
We can use the same layout we develop for teak decking.
We produce pre-manufactures pieces ready to glue on, same as real teak.

  • Environmentally Friendly
EuroDesign already produce teak decks from local traceable plantations.
With the ecoteak we take it a bit further by recycling our teak dust waste.
The small amount of plastic we use comes from recycled water bottles.

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Head Office / Factory : PT.EUDE Indonesia Jl.Industri Terboyo Timur D-35, Semarang, 50118, Indonesia. European Office : EuroDesign Scandinavia AB Ravebergsvagen, SE-424 67 Angered, Sweden.